Upject — Your Digital Sales Gear.

Upject evolved from the demands and requirements of everyday sales business. Over the past decade we developed shop systems, workflow management solutions and data analysis tools for our customers.

We gained a deep understanding of both, operational business in global companies on the one side, and the need of a fluid user experience on the other side. This drives our products and services.

Our Services

B2B Shop Systems

Upject develops shop systems which can handle large volume B2B orders. Our software supports you during the whole process: getting in touch with your customers, managing orders, logistics planning, data analysis, etc.

Workflow Management Systems

Our web-based technology stack allows us to implement customized workflow management systems very fast and flexible. Together with our customers we identify weaknesses of an existing workflow to continiously improve its efficiency.

Sales Monitoring

Make your business decisions based on instant reporting and data visualization. Our monitoring tools are integrated, fast, and customizable.


Upject systems can easily be connected to existing IT infrastructure. We have integrated our software with a variety of systems such as AS400, Oracle and SAP.

Upject Saleshub

Upject Saleshub is a web application, which gives you the opportunity to create and manage quotes in an easy and time saving way. All steps and parts involved in making a quote - such as product information and pricing, product configuration, financing, additional services, etc. - are provided by the Saleshub system.

While Saleshub assists salesmen in planning their quotes, it also provides functionality for rendering documents (e.g. proposals, contracts, etc.) for customer communication. Besides this, having all your employee's sales data accessible at a central point, Saleshub serves valuable information regarding business performance, which makes it a very powerful tool for management and marketing.

Information Visualization

With the help of information visualization users can explore large amounts of data using visual tools. We use state-of-the-art technology to create customized, interactive visualizations that help you see, what spreadsheets and lists would have kept hidden.

Content Management

We use and support Substance, an innovative publishing system, which provides a very easy to use interface for content creation, and offers flexibility for generating high quality web pages.

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